Fake Movie Reviews® and the Melonmeter® rating is the most trusted measurement of quality entertainment. The Melonmeter® offers the most comprehensive guide to what’s juicy.

What is the Melonmeter®?

The world famous Melonmeter® rating represents an aggregated percentage of positive reviews for movies and is used by millions every day, to help with their entertainment viewing decisions. Fake Movie Reviews designates the best reviewed movies as CERTIFIED JUICY.

The Melonmeter® rating represents the aggregate percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given movie interpolated with my own opinion which has much greater weight and is more important than anyone else’s in terms of knowing how much juice and seeds a particular movie’s got.

watermelon_icon_pitr-1979px A good review is denoted by a juicy red watermelon with lots of seeds. In order for a movie to receive an overall rating of CERTIFIED JUICY, the reading on the Melonmeter® for that movie must be 64% or higher.

watermelon-512A bad review is denoted by a melon that has significantly paler flesh and  very few seeds left meaning it has retained very little of its juice, and may even be a lesser type of melon such as a cantaloupe or something of that nature. It’s probably been sitting around for a few days past its expiration, and would not taste very good at all to eat so you should probably just throw it out with the rest of the garbage  (59% or less).