Baby Driver

Today sees the theatrical release of Baby Driver, the much anticipated sequel to Boss Baby. Boss Baby took the nation by storm just a few months ago, but 20th Century Fox had such confidence in Alec Baldwin’s vision for the franchise that they greenlit an entire trilogy of movies built around his trademark forever adult baby character. Just like Lord of the Rings.

As to why the sequel is being released when the original is barely out of theaters, that has to do with the maturation cycle of babies, who age in months rather than years. Expect to see the third movie in the franchise in theaters this fall.

Now that we’ve gotten all that talk about franchise’s release schedule out of the way, let’s ask the question on everyone’s minds…is Baby Driver as good as Boss Baby? The answer is an emphatic YES. Baby Driver builds on the laughs, the thrills, and the mystery of Boss Baby such that I can safely say this movie exceeds the heights of its predecessor, as hard as that may be to believe.

Baby Driver opens with the titular Baby (Alec Baldwin) having been removed from his job as Fortune 500 CEO and on the run from the intelligence services of multiple governments as well as a bounty hunter hired by the Chinese Mafia.


Baby (Alec Baldwin) hits the road in Baby Driver.

He’s become a Wanted Baby due to his theft of kompromat (a Russian term meaning incriminating evidence used for blackmail) that could lead to criminal charges against some of the most powerful figures in global politics and finance. And what does that mean?  Baby has to hit the road!

In Baby’s single seat car, he’s got to race against time before…well, I don’t want to spoil the twists and turns, nor do I want to disclose any information that could jeopardize lives. All I can say is DRIVE to the theaters as soon as you can to see Baby Driver. You don’t want to miss it.

TL;DR – Stylish, exciting, and fueled by a Alec Baldwin’s rich baritone, Baby Driver hits the road, proving fast-paced CGI children’s movies can be smartly written without sacrificing thrills.

What the rest of the critics are saying:

“Baby Driver is a frenetic, funky, fast and fun for the whole family!” – Anthony Ray Bench, Film Threat

– Hudson Hongo, Variety

“Alec Baldwin delivers a courageous performance, speaking truth to power as only a baby can.” – Mameh Immanuel Sisma, The Guardian

“Like Boss Baby before it, Baby Driver should be seen simply because it is such a bold and wonderful idea.” – Legs Lavish, New York Observer

“Alec Baldwin is back, baby, and he’s better than ever!” – Eric D. Snider,

“The thinly veiled jabs at the Bernie Sanders and his ‘bro’ supporters made me laugh to beat the band.” – Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

[REDACTED AT THE REQUEST OF THE NSA] – Dominique Vivant, Vulture

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99% liquid & seed retention – watermelon_icon_pitr-1979px CERTIFIED JUICY™ (IT DON’T GET MUCH JUICIER THAN THIS, FOLKS)

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