The Fish That Took Aim at Hungry

Things happen pretty fast in The Fish That Took Aim at Hungry. It runs for almost two and a half hours, but it runs fast, baby, and if you can predict what lies around the next bend you’re doing a helluva lot better than I did. The director of this slick opus is David Fincher, and it stars Jesse Eisenberg as a hot shot basketball arcade shark who hustles the wrong dude for $53,000. Now, he has to survive the wringer and the those of us in the audience are just along for the ride.


Jesse Eisenberg plays a hot shot basketball arcade shark who hustles the wrong dude.

The Fish That Took Aim at Hungry boasts beautiful landscape shots, a propulsive score, and fire cinematography. It is dark and disturbing yet equally smart and stylistic. I found it hard to watch at points, but I couldn’t turn my eyes away. Politicians will use this movie as a demonstration of careless and gratuitous violence in movies, and as a perfect example of what today’s youth are being influenced by.

The plot will lure you in before turning you upside down. It’s pulse pounding chase sequences, it’s fight choreography that will blow your mind, and it’s twist after twist after twist. Plus, the acting is nothing short of perfect. Curly haired and with a fast-talking voice, Jesse Eisenberg should finally get a well-deserved Oscar for his performance as Nicholas Fish. Eisenberg evolves completely in the most amazing character arc. He really grows up into a real man right before our very eyes.

Virtually everything about this movie will take you by surprise, unless you’ve seen David Fincher’s other films (I have). If you know Fincher, you’ll recognize the genius from the innovative opening credits sequence all the way to the final frame. As for the twist ending, it doesn’t rival The Sixth Sense – it blows it away. One of the best movie endings I’ve seen. Even better if you’re a Tame Impala fan.

TL;DRThe Fish That Took Aim at Hungry is an aggressive, confrontational, often brutal art film that is quite possibly a brilliant masterpiece.

What the rest of the critics are saying:

The Fish That Took Aim at Hungry makes many bold statements against the modern consumer-driven society.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

The Fish That Took Aim at Hungry is literally the first time I ever came upon something that, at first sight, seemed incredibly stylish, sophisticated AND entertaining.” – Kristján Ragnarsson, IGN Movies

“I watched The Fish That Took Aim at Hungry expecting a stylish flick that offered a good plot and hopefully some good acting but what I got was so much, much more.” – Bevin Reinen, Vox

“Honestly, how many times have you seen a movie that, with each scene, gets even more complicated yet so simple you can’t help but laugh.” – Pie Corbett, USA Today

“Every time I think about the movie I realize something new about it, such is the depth of what was on the screen.” – Eric D. Snider,

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