Unforgettable (2017)

The problem with most movies is I can’t remember a single thing about them within a week after I watch one. I’ve watched two movies every day for the past seven years and I remember the details of less than ten, tops. Luckily, the filmmakers behind Unforgettable have figured out how to make a movie you’re guaranteed to remember for the rest of your life.

The plot of Unforgettable is simple: a bitter divorcée becomes jealous of her ex-husband’s new fiancé and will stop at nothing to turn the couple’s romantic dreams into the ultimate nightmare. There’s nothing new about this story and if you’re like me, you’ve seen movies with more or less than the same plot a million times before.


What makes Unforgettable unique is the techniques the filmmakers employ to ensure their movie is memorable. Whenever a character says an important line of dialogue, the actor breaks the fourth wall and turns to the camera to tell the audience to take note of the words just spoken. In this same vein, the most emotionally intense scenes are repeated two or three times in a row, thus imprinting their content deep in your brain tissues.

In an especially daring cinematic innovation, each act of Unforgettable ends with an on-screen quiz intended to test your knowledge of the movie’s plot, characters, settings, and incidental trivia. During these quizzes, theater ushers walk through the aisles handing out Scantron forms. Bubble these in with the No. 2 pencils provided. If you’re like me, just the act of filling out the Scantrons will aid you immeasurably in remembering this psychological thriller starring Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson.

TL;DR – Unforgettable may seem like a fairly generic suspense film at first blush, but the movie uses clever tricks that will have you remembering it for many decades to come.

What the rest of the critics are saying:

“Katherine Heigl is back, baby, and she’s better than ever!” – Eric D. Snider, EricDSnider.com

“Everyone must see Unforgettable. You should go to the movie theater right now to watch Unforgettable.” – Turner Barrowman, USA Today

“I know you’re not going to believe me when I tell you something like the plot of Unforgettable actually happened to me in real life.” – Phoebe Bottoms, The Hollywood Reporter

“Playing scenes two or three times in a row may seem like overkill, but you won’t be forgetting the scenes any time soon, will you? Point proven.” – Tapas Gohan, Deadline Hollywood Daily

“You should go to the movie theater right now to watch Unforgettable. Make viewing Unforgettable a priority in your life, and you will be set free.” – Thurman O’Herlihy, Seattle Times

“Rarely has a movie descended on multiplexes across America that felt more like an instructional video, or not quite an instructional video exactly, but rather a cinematic work seemingly intended to indoctrinate viewers.” – Nathaneal However, Guernica Magazine

“If Katherine Heigl is truly meant to lead us to the promised land, Unforgettable is the first sign of the transfiguration of space and time that is sure to come.” – Emerentia Krogmann, IGN Movies

“You should go to the movie theater right now to watch Unforgettable. Please leave the place where you are at present and make haste in seeing Unforgettable before it’s too late and the storm clouds bear down on us with terrifying darkness.” – Brother Fallopian, Unforgettable Protocols of Mother Heigl

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