Before and After Dark and Also Before Dark Again

I did not enjoy Before and After Dark and Also Before Dark Again at all. First of all, it’s a black and white movie, and let’s face it: black and white is not the latest technology when it comes to making movies.

However, I could’ve forgiven that if Before and After Dark and Also Before Dark Again had been scary or if I understood what was going on. Horror movies should not be confusing. They should deliver the scares and then let us go home. We’re not talking rocket science here.


I did not care about the romantic subplot between these characters.

Before and After Dark and Also Before Dark Again takes place in a haunted mansion (woopity woo like we haven’t seen that before) over the course of single night. A lively dinner party is interrupted when all the lights in the house suddenly turn off. And then later they switch back on again. But soon after that, the power goes out once more. It turns out it’s not only once more though because the electricity turns back on and shuts off and turns on and shuts off over and over for nearly two hours.

It’s never explained why the power keeps turning on and off, though several of the characters spend the entire movie trying to figure it out. Even worse, there’s never a clear reason why the characters don’t just leave the damn house while the power company gets its act together and fixes the fusebox or whatever’s wrong with the house.

ceiling off

I couldn’t see what was going on when the lights were off. Dumb!

None of the characters are even scared that the lights keep turning on and off. Some are calm and others keep laughing like it’s all a big joke. I wouldn’t be laughing. I’d be scared as hell! And I’d leave the damn house, that’s for sure. Why would you stay and risk being killed by some crazy person who keeps turning the lights on and off again? Makes no sense.

TL;DR Before and After Dark and Also Before Dark Again is a bad horror movie full of stupid characters and it’s in black and white.

What the rest of the critics are saying:

“The best horror movie since It Follows!” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“The lengthy scene in which the party’s host (Danny DeVito) yells at the electric company’s customer service was actually pretty funny.” – Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AVClub

“Daringly experimental and full of memorably offkilter moments.” – Hoover Framingham, ScreenAnarchy

“I fell asleep during this one. Sorry.” – Eric D. Snider,

“Look, I don’t have to watch every movie that comes out. Sometimes it’s better NOT to watch movies. You ever think of that? No, you didn’t. Because you’re not a film critic.” –  Nathaneal However, Guernica Magazine

“I was surprised at how many times they turned the lights off and back on again.” – Roberta Fong, Premiere Magazine

Melonmeter® Score:


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